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Power Performance Gains – What can you expect from 6 weeks of altitude training?


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Power Performance Gains – What can you expect from 6 weeks of altitude training?

Powering up your cycling performance, with hypoxic training

Here at The Altitude Centre, we have seen first hand the benefits that training at altitude can provide for health and wellbeing, acclimatisation, and sporting performance. But we wanted to find a way of showing you just how much of a difference it can make to your sporting performance, in just 6 weeks

Now don’t think we haven’t seen the flaws in this case study. We know that it’s not scientifically controlled, but that’s not what we were after. We wanted to show you guys, in a fun and informative way how training here at Trump Street can help boost your numbers in preparation for the riding season ahead.

So what did we do.. we got in touch with the guys at Bike Radar and asked if they wanted to try out a block of 6-weeks of altitude training, in conjunction with their usual rides, to see what sort of performance gains could be made.

The Testing

As you’ll hear in the video below, we took Joe through a few of the tests we complete during our Power Profiling service, testing his 20-minute Threshold (FTP), his 5s max power, and some 30s repeated wingates to test anaerobic capacity!

This one is a workout in itself, so fresh legs are definitely recommended (Joe can vouch for that!)

The Results

Name: Joe Norledge

Weight: 63 Kg
Sea level FTP: 324W (5.14 W/Kg)
Altitude FTP:286W (4.53 W/Kg)

Weight: 63 Kg
Sea level FTP: 354W (5.62 W/Kg) – A whopping 9.3% improvement over 6 weeks, and a new personal best!
Altitude FTP: 310W (4.92 W/Kg) – Joe also saw an 8.4% improvement in his altitude FTP!

As the results show, Joe hit some dizzy heights, with a new 20-min PB on the sea level FTP test, suggesting that the added stimulus of training at altitude helped to take him further than he has ever gone before!

Train Like Joe!

If you’d like to train like Joe, and see how we can take your performance to the next level by training at 2700m, we’re offering a Bike Radar special!

Just click the link here, and use discount code bikeradarpower to receive a huge £187 discount on our Bike Radar Package!

Package includes:

– Pre-Testing at The Altitude Centre
– 6 Weeks of training (2 Exercise and 1 POD session per week)
– Post-Testing at The Altitude Centre

If training at our London HQ in the chamber isn’t possible, why not give one of our rentals a go like Joe!

The Gold standard technique for altitude training, has always been sleeping at altitude. You can maintain your training intensity at sea level, while gaining the physiological benefits that sleeping at altitude provides. Unfortunately, logistically that just isn’t as easy to complete as it may sound! I mean, we can’t all take a 3-4 week holiday in the mountains just for training now, can we!

Here at The Altitude Centre we do provide Sleep systems, for rental or for purchase, to allow you to sleep at altitude in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re unsure of what system, or type of training is best for you and your event, please get in touch on 020 7193 1626, or drop us an email to city@altitudecentre.com!