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Longhaul Nutrition


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We recently took 45 clients to the Etape du Tour. In their goodie bags, they found a few samples from a new type of nutrition for cycling and enduranc events –

Longhaul Nutrition Blog

“Real Food for your Endurance Adventure”

Longhaul Endurance specialises in creating savoury ultra-fuels for endurance athletes to perform better for longer. Fuelling for endurance is not simply about calories or just about sugar. It’s about giving the body the ideal mix of carbohydrates, protein and fat for prolonged energy release. And when you combine this balanced energy with natural unadulterated ingredients bursting with all of the key nutrients the athletic body demands, you have the perfect sports food.

Longhaul’s organic, savoury fuels are blended from the highest quality natural ingredients. Through blending our recipes we partially breakdown our fuels, making them easy to digest and soft on the stomach. Because your body is working hard enough, we do not use ingredients that are common allergens or ingredients that challenge the digestive system. All our products are free from gluten, dairy, nuts, processed sugar and additives.

Real food provides sustained energy, a natural nutritional mix, and, quite frankly, tastes much better!


So where did we get the idea for Longhaul endurance fuel from? Well, it all started in the desert when Amelia was competing in the 2013 Marathon des Sables. In keeping with conventional advice, we stocked up on the calories, eating gels, bars, nuts and even sweaty salami! But rather than giving her the momentum she needed, those foods just left Amelia with depleted energy levels and a churning stomach.


Back home, we realised that there was no alternative to sugary sports bars, gels and powders. These products are often made with highly processed and synthetic ingredients that can taste artificial and irritate your stomach. And many of them lack the flavour and nutrition you get from real food.


Guided by nutritional science and a love of good food we started to make our own recipes at home. Flavoursome dishes made from ingredients we found in the fresh food section of the supermarket. And to save running with a knife and fork we blended each dish. Not fully, but just enough to make our endurance fuels easy to digest and eat on the go.


Since our first trial, our recipes have successfully fuelled Amelia through several ultra-marathons, including the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, Lavaredo Ultra-Trail and Race to the Stones. As we kept making our food, curious running and cycling friends also wanted to try it. And they tried it again and again. And so, here we are today, revolutionising endurance fuelling with real, tasty food.

As well as running, cycling and hiking, we’re continually developing new flavours. Because like the endurance athletes we are, we’re in it for the long haul.

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