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Active Root leads with ginger-fuelled hydration


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Given the huge range of nutrition options available on the market, I often feel daunted and at times suffer from the paralysis of choice. With so much choice having insight from those qualified to rate a particular option is gold dust. I’m not a doctor nor am I a nutritionist (we’ll leave that to the likes of Will Girling!)

In an age where us cyclists can regularly subject our stomachs to back to back energy gel consumption during those long rides and sportives, some of us get warning signs that such ‘gut bombs’ though energy inducing, are perhaps not the most pleasant or agreeable for our poor stomachs.

Ginger was always a staple item in the larder growing up, with mum adding this to hot lemon and honey whenever anyone in the house showed early symptoms of illness of any kind. Whether this was common practice beyond my own household I don’t’ know, but such experience secured ginger a place high up in the ‘good for you’ league table as far as I was concerned.

Active Root is a product I came across at this year’s cycle show at Birmingham’s NEC. Paving the way as the only supplier to champion ginger as its principle ingredient, I thought it was time to move on from current habits and give this stuff a go. It was the only supplement added to cold water whilst hydrating during a recent 6 week altitude simulation session at London’s renowned Altitude Centre during which I completed 15 structured training sessions within a studio fed with 15% oxygen, equivalent to 2700m above sea level.

Sachets are original ginger and a new addition ‘green tea and ginger’. Relatively mild in flavour, they add a pleasant taste without being overpowering. Not tasting synthetic is a big plus for me personally and feedback from others in the class was similar.

Natural unbleached cane sugar steadily releases carbs during exercise, meaning Active Root is appropriate for longer rides as well. This combined with the knowledge that ginger content is naturally settling for the tum means one less undesired ‘variable’ to worry about during exercise! Electrolytes are delivered through natural sea salt and the stuff is vegan friendly.

“Personally its hard to tell exactly what the impact over the last 6 weeks training has been as I haven’t done a like for like comparison under identical conditions without adding this to my hydration. I can say that I’ve never felt fitter and have enjoyed a pretty arduous training program without once having an upset stomach nor feeling any of the nausea that can occur when consuming some ‘energy’ products. I’ve been looking for a hydration supplement that I can consume without guilt and safe in the knowledge that I’m not consuming synthetics. I’ll be using these sachets from here on.”

Graham Grey, London

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